3. Bridge Pose:


If you are familiar with bridge pose than adding clasped hands as a modification may be just the thing you needed for and extra shoulder release.

  • While lying on your back bend your knees and place your heels directly under the knees.
  • Begin to raise your hips towards the sky as you rotate the shoulders under your body.
  • Let your hands clasp behind your back and stretch your arms towards the feet as you continue to gently raise your chest towards your chin.
  • Breath deeply and release the pose when needed.

4. Extended Triangle Pose:


  • Come into standing position. Spread your legs as wide as you can.
  • With your back straight, extend your hands side ward.
  • Inhale and slowly bend towards the right side, with your right hand touching your ankle and your left hand directed upwards.
  • Look at your left hand while you are in this posture.
  • Take a few breathes, observe the body and mind settling down.
  • Take a few breaths and gently lift your torso and come into a standing position.
  • Now repeat the sequence on the left side of the body.

5. Cow and Cat Poses:


  • The cow and cat poses, respectively Bitilasana and Marjaryasana, may be performed separately, but they are often performed together in continuous motion.
  • To start with the cow pose, rest on your hands and knees with your back in the neutral flat “tabletop” position and your neck in line so that you are looking at the floor.
  • With an inhale, lift your chest and buttocks towards the ceiling,
  • Raise your head to look straight forward and let your belly drop.
  • As you exhale, you can return to “tabletop” or transition immediately into the cat pose by rounding your spine towards the ceiling and dropping your head towards the floor.
  • However, do not overextend your neck as your chin should not touch your neck.
  • Perform these poses several times to stretch and warm your neck, shoulders and spine.
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