Stretch marks are visible lines on the skin surface and these lines on your body look ugly and decrease the beauty of your appearance. Skin collagen and elastin generally draw stretch marks on your breast, buttock, thighs and abdomen. During pregnancy every woman must find these lines on her abdomen and breast. Pregnancy, Weight gain, Weight loses rapidly, hormonal imbalance, and bodybuilding exercises are the main causes of having these stretch marks.


Stretch mark problem can make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about your appearance. Thankfully, there are several effective tips how to get rid of stretch marks fast and naturally.

1. Potato Peels:


Potatoes have an important place in skin care and restoration of skin cells. Vitamin C in potato is vital for maintaining skin health.

How To Do:

  • Blend peeled potatoes and apply this paste on the affected area.
  • Rub it for 5-6 minutes and leave it for another 5 minutes, then wash with lukewarm water.
  • After a pat dry, apply a few drops of olive oil.

2. Sugar and Lemon:


Sugar is a natural exfoliating agent which helps to fade stretch marks naturally.  Sugar is a good source of glycolic acid, main component of alpha hydroxy acids that make your skin younger and softer, and fairer. Thar is why sugar is very beneficial in lightening dark skin, suntan and ugly stretch marks.

How To Do:

  • Make an exfoliating face mask with 3 spoons of sugar with 2 spoons of lemon juice and few drops of almond oil.
  • Rub this mixture on your abdomen or affected area for 5 minutes.
  • Till sugar melts completely and use this recipe daily till stretch marks fade completely.
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