All of us have to go through aging. But nowadays, most women and men age prematurely due to the lifestyle and diet the follow. The main reasons for premature aging include free radical damage, toxicity and vitamin deficiency. This results in sagging, wrinkles and blotchy skin, joint pain, graying of hair and hair loss, etc.


There are hundreds of facial treatments and creams available to promise you a younger look. But, these methods often use chemicals damaging the skin. Instead, you should include in your basic diet plenty of foods rich in antioxidants such as nuts and seeds, fresh fruits and veggies, lots of hydrating fluids and healthy fats. Besides, you need to avoid refined sugars, processed foods, and soft drinks, which are inflammatory foods & lead to premature aging. Now, I am going to share with you a few juicing recipes for anti-aging.


1. Cucumber Juice:


A mineral named silicon found in cucumber is good for connective tissue in the body. Including silicon in the diet will aid in gaining amazing results for skin, hair, and nails. This delicious juice is high in silicon and vitamin A, which help to improve the strength of hair and nail and control cholesterol levels as well. They are also a good remedy for reducing anti-aging signs and improving complexion.


  • 1cucumber
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 apples
  • 1 celery stalk


  • Use the whole cucumber without peeling the skin because the silicon is found in its skin.
  • Combine all the things and later blend them together.
  • After that, drink with ice. Drink the juice regularly to reduce wrinkles soon.

2. Apple and Blueberries Juice:


Don’t you know that apples and blueberries are such good combination? Yep, this juice will lessen your aging lines, and it can also act as an anti-bacteria to your system. It can also protect you from brain-aging resulting to you not only having a youthful appearance but also a sharp brain.


  • Two cups of blueberries
  • Two apples


  • Wash the fruits throughout and remove the seeds.
  • Place them in a juicer and blend them to produce a well-mixed juice.
  • You can add some ice for a chilled refreshment which could add a lot of factor to the delicacy of your juice.
  • However, you have to drink it immediately after having it prepared because it will form a texture that is much
  • like a gel if not consumed after half an hour from serving.
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