3. Garlic:


Garlic is a strong anti-inflammatory agent and is also considered a detoxifier that improves blood circulation. Therefore, consuming garlic on a regular basis can help deal with varicose veins.

How to Use:

  • A good remedy is to mix about 6 garlic cloves with juice extracted from 3 oranges and 2 tablespoons olive oil.
  • leave it for 12 hours and then use the solution to massage the area affected by varicose veins.

4. Olive Oil:


It is the most important to promote blood circulation for the treatment of varicose veins. You can massage using olive oil in order to improve circulation, thus decrease inflammation and pain.

How to use:

  • Take some olive oil and vitamin E oil in equal amount and warm them up.
  • Use the mixed oil to massage the varicose veins for couples of minute.
  • Perform twice every day for couples of month.
  • Another way is taking 4 drops of cypress oil with 2 teaspoons of warm olive oil and mix together.
  • Use the mixed oil to massage

5. Parsley:


The abundance of vitamin C which is a strong antioxidant that can stimulate the collagen production, thus support the reproduction and repair of cells. Furthermore, the routein from parsley can improve the strength of capillaries which make it effective at alleviating the discomforts from varicose veins. Therefore, parsley is totally qualified for the list of home remedies for varicose veins.

How to use:

  • Take some fresh parsley and chop then put into some boiling water.
  • Then take it out of the heat and let it cool down. After that, have it strained.
  • Put in 1 drop of marigold and rose essential oil.
  • Keep the solution inside the fridge for couples of minute.
  • Take a cotton ball and apply directly the solution onto the veins.
  • Perform every day for couples of month.
  • Also you can consume more fresh parsley.
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