4. Iron Rich Fruit:

People suffering from iron deficiency can resort to eating bananas. This fruit, which is rich in iron, can supply your body with the amount of iron it needs. This can also benefit you when you are suffering from an injury and require the blood to clot faster with the help of haemoglobin.

5. Help Prevent Anemia

Individuals with anemia have a hard time producing enough healthy red blood cells. The common treatment is to take iron pills, however, the banana can provide similar benefits. Bananas are incredibly high in iron, and help to stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the blood – thus, they are helpful in cases of anemia.

6. Fight Free Radicals:

Free radicals attack healthy cells and damage them, leading to problems like heart disease, cancer and skin ageing. Banana flowers are high in antioxidants content that fight free radicals and prevent them from damaging the body cells.

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