If you’ve been following a fitness plan, working out hard and trying to stick to a healthy nutrition regimen but you still wake up every morning and struggle with the dilemma of what to eat for breakfast, So many people have a difficult time choosing the right foods to eat in the morning when their overall goal is to lose body fat and get lean.


Whether you are in a rush for time or just have no idea about which breakfast foods to fit into your diet plan, this article will give you some quick and easy healthy breakfast ideas that you can make in a matter of minutes. Nobody likes to eat the same foods all the time, so its nice to have a list of nutritious choices to pick from when you get up in the morning and want to start your day off the right way.

1. Flax Seeds:


Healthy fats and fibre are crucial for packing on the right kind of pounds, and flax seeds are one of the best sources of both. They can mixed into a blended protein shake with ease and you can also add yoghurt and oats with some fruit for a calorific, bulk-up breakfast. Bonus: it’ll keep control of your cholesterol levels.

2. Oatmeal with Protein Powder:


0ne of the most fiber packed and filling healthy breakfast meals you can make in the morning is oatmeal with protein powder. It not only is packed with healthy carbs but when you use a chocolate protein powder, you get a nice sweet tasting treat in the morning. Make sure to use quality oatmeal like organic 100% whole grain rolled oats along with a quality protein powder.

3. Walnuts:


Neuroprotective compounds are essential to brain health, so get them in at the start of the day. For a whole, natural breakfast, pick out walnuts: they are rich in omega-3, melatonin and folate. One study from the Journal of Nutrition identified walnuts as an effective way to decrease vulnerability to the oxidative stress of ageing, which is essentially cell damage which cannot be countered naturally by the body. For the older gent, they’re a shoe-in.

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