If you stand up straight and look straight down, and you can’t see your toes, then you probably have a pot belly. Like most people, your mind probably jumps straight to solutions like ‘more exercise’ or ‘a better diet’ as ways to reduce your pot belly naturally.


Fat around your belly can be annoying, especially when you’re approaching a function that you want to dress up for and all your clothes fit a little too tight around the waist. But there are actually a lot of things that contribute to a pot belly, and some of them are an easy fix.

1. Russian Twist:


How to Do:

  • Begin in a seated position with bended knees and flat feet.
  • Lean back slightly with a strong straight back and get into a comfortable position, contracting your ab muscles.
  • Stretch your arms out in front of you and twist the torso from side to side.
  • For more intensity, tap the floor to the right of your hip and then the left side.
  • To further increase difficulty, lift your feet off the floor or use a weighted medicine ball in your hands.

2. Leg Raises With Hip Lifts:


How to Do:

  • Lie down on your back with legs extended and hands by your side.
  • Slowly raise your legs up until they reach vertical.
  • Once they reach vertical, continue lifting until your hips also come off the ground.
  • Then slowly bring your legs back down, but before they touch the ground, raise them back up again.
  • Make sure you keep pushing your back into the ground so that it does not arch during the movement, and keep your abs tense throughout the whole set.
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