Face being the first to be noticed when compared to our body, double chin and chubby cheeks can make us look obese even if we are on the average side and not over weight. If you are wondering how to lose face fat quickly, then you’re at the right place. While the human face is a thing of beauty, maintaining taut, smooth skin often becomes a source of stress as we age. If you’ve ever searched for a natural solution to sagging skin, you may be familiar with facial exercises.


Face fat can make us look heavier than our actual weight and even older. Disciplined diet, regular workout along with some facial exercises can help reduce face fat quickly.

1. Big Smile:


How to Do:

  • Lie on your back without a pillow with knees bent up and feet resting on the bed.
  • Open your mouth widely and then close it slowly while resisting the closing.
  • Try to have a big, wide smile but don’t clench your teeth.
  • While holding the smile, lift your head slightly and then put it down.
  • Do this lifting 7 times.

2. Cheek Puff:


Cheek puffs will help you to reduce fat from the middle and the upper part of your cheeks. This exercise will make your face look toned and slimmer.

How to Do:

  • Take a deep breath, close your mouth and hold the air in your mouth or cheeks.
  • Hold it in one cheek for 10 seconds and then move it to the other cheek and hold it there for 10 seconds.
  • Then exhale. Do this 10 times.
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