3. The Blow:


How to Do:

  • Begin by sitting straight on a chair. Bend your head back so as to face the ceiling.
  • Pull your lips together and blow out air from your mouth.
  • Keep blowing out air for 5 seconds and ten relax.
  • Repeat 15 to 20 times.

4. Puffy Cheeks Exercise:


How to Do:

  • First, close your mouth and blow air to puff up your cheeks.Hold for 10 seconds.
  • Try to move the air to your right cheek and hold the air for 10 seconds.
  • Finally, switch to your left cheek and hold the air for 10 seconds and then exhale.
  • Repeat this for 10 times.

5. Chew Gum:


If you want to know how to reduce chubby cheeks with chewing gum, it’s easy: just chew the gum. Chewing lots of gum over a period of time can help strengthen the muscles in your jaw, making them more pronounced.

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