Many of us concentrate on upper body fat loss like belly. However, your butts and thighs also need some exercises for fat loss in order to obtain a well shaped perfect figure. Usually, women are more prone to large butt sizes than men. Once you get fat, it’s not an easy task to get rid of butt fat. Hence, one should concentrate more on Yoga for reducing Buttocks and thighs. So, just look on the below Yoga Asanas to get rid of Butt fat fast.


Buttock being out of shape is pretty common considering the kind of lifestyle you tend to lead, and the way you work out. You exercise without realising that it may not really affect the body part that has so suddenly gained weight.

1. Prone Leg Circles:


How To Do:

  • Lay face down with your legs out straight and your forehead resting on the backs of your hands.
  • Pull your abs in. Zip your thighs together and lift your legs a few inches off the floor.
  • Next, moving from the hips, make small circles with your legs in opposite directions.
  • Circle 8 times, then reverse the direction and do 8 more circles.
  • Repeat the pattern twice more, then rest by pushing your butt back into Child’s Pose and holding for 30 seconds.

2. Glute Bridge:


How to Do:

  • Lie on floor by facing upward. Bend your knees so that your feet are flat on floor.
  • Place your arms on sides by facing palms down.
  • Now lift your hips above the ground such a way that knees, hips and shoulders make a straight line.
  • Keep your body in bridge position for some time.
  • Then slowly regain original position. Repeat the same process again.
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