Lower belly fat is the hardest to lose when you are trying to lose weight and tone your body. Exercises with the help of healthy balanced diet can help you achieve this challenging task of toning those pesky lower abs. Mental focus is one of the key factor when engaging in workouts which involve the lower belly muscles.


Our body posture also can make it look worse than it is. Correct posture, combined with proper fat busting diet and a killer exercise plan will help you loose the pooch much faster than you think.

1. Reverse Curl with Ball:


  • Lie on your back with your arms by your sides.
  • Rest your heels and calves about knee-width apart on the ball.
  • Tense your abs and, holding the ball between your heels and thighs, raise it off the floor.
  • Slowly, return to starting position.

2. Flutter Kicks:


  • Lie on the floor and lift up on your forearms.
  • Slowly criss cross your legs up and down, but hovering low over the ground as much as possible.
  • Pretend like an elephant is resting their arm on your lower belly.
  • If you do that, there is no way that back will arch!
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