Despite what many folks appear to believe, a six pack is not six soda-can shaped muscles that sit under the skin of your stomach, somehow magically filling and emptying as you become more or less fit. But the stomach muscle is also not just one simple piece of muscle. The abdominal muscle group on the front of your stomach is made up of four basic muscles that, like most muscles, appear to be named by ancient Latin monks.


First of all, if you want faster results, you should stimulate those stomach muscles every 2-3 days, so you’ll want to do the following workout more than once per week, while allowing for at least 48 hours of recovery between workouts. You can do this workout as part of a cardio workout or weightlifting workout, or figure out a way to creatively include the exercises as part of a different workout.

1. Plank with Hip Extension:


How to Do:

  • Start in a standard high-plank position.
  • Raise the right leg approximately 6 to 8 inches, hold for five seconds and then alternate legs.
  • Start with three to four repetitions and gradually increase over time.
  • To increase the level of difficulty, raise the right and then bring the right knee up to the outside of the right elbow.
  • Return to the starting position. Alternate legs for three to five repetitions.

2. Crunches:


How to Do:

  • Lie down on your back with your knees bent at a 45-degree angle.
  • Place your hands across your chest and crunch upward, lifting only your upper back off the ground.
  • Leave your lower back on the ground.
  • Then come back down, but just before your shoulders touch the ground, crunch upward again.
  • Throughout the movement, do not relax your abdominal muscles but keep them consistently tense.
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