Medium-length hair is usually known as the most universal hair. The possibilities for this hairstyle are almost endless. Whether you want to let your hair down, contain it in a bun, or need something in between, shoulder-length hair is just perfect for all of these styles. The number of ideas is infinite all you need to do is turn on your imagination and start creating.


When styling mid-length thick locks, pay particular attention to the volume you are blessed with by nature. Be meticulous about the ends. You need them smooth, because the tips of thick locks often look dry and stick out unappealingly. Most smoothing balms for hair cope with this task. You can use whatever styling tools you desire, depending on what particular texture you want to achieve this time.

1. Classy Medium Blonde Bob:


A long bob is the classics of shoulder length hairstyles, especially if it slightly curls under the chin like this one. There’s something extremely feminine, elegant and stylish in this look. Go for a trendy ash blonde tone to give your favorite bob a modern upgrade.

2. Mid-Length Layered Style:


Dark hair can appear even thicker than it is. Lighten it up with this mid-length layered hairstyle. Try a choppy cut – it’s easier to maintain and you can also go longer in between salon visits. The messy look is very stylish and popular in today’s fashion industry, and lucky for you, it works well with thick hair.

3. Brunette Mid-Length Hairstyles:


For an oval, square or heart-shaped face, try a layered shoulder-length cut with a side parting and a fringe swept across the forehead.  Coarse, curly hair will behave if you ask for sliced layers and don’t be afraid of letting your curls have their own way! Big hair around the top of the head is definitely ‘in’ and with a pretty diagonal braid, taking the fringe off your face and pinned just before the crown, you can add a touch of boho and lengthen a short forehead or a round face.

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