3. Side Leg Raises:


How To Do:

  • Lying on your side at the rear edge of a mat, place your feet at the front edge of your mat,
  • Then lift your upper leg and turn it out it in the hip socket.
  • Keeping your hips stacked and your torso as still as possible,
  • Lift and lower the leg, reaching out from the top of the thigh. Repeat on the other side.

4. Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts:


How To Do:

  • Stand up tall with a dumbbell/kettlebell in your right hand.
  • With a slight bend in your left knee, maintain your balance, kick out your right leg,
  • And slowly lean forward until your torso is parallel with the floor all of the pressure should sit behind your left hamstring and butt cheek.
  • Hold the stretch for 1s and powerfully drive up through your left heel into a full stand.
  • Repeat a full set with your left side and repeat for the right.

5.  Plie Exercise:


It’s as simple to do as it looks, but infinitely more toning than you’d expect.

How To Do:

  • Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and your toes pointing out.
  • Bring your arms out straight in front of you and lower into a squat.
  • Come back up and repeat. Go as low into the squat as you can without letting your knees move past your toes.
  • Be sure to tuck your tailbone under and contract your glutes.
  • Keep your torso tall, and don’t let your knees creep past your toes. Do for 1 minute.
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