Facial muscles play a key role in shaping your face. The fatty tissue under the skin diminishes with age which leads to decreased firmness and makes your skin look old and tired. Exercising facial muscles regularly can help to tone and lift the skin and ensure they remain firm, preventing sagging of the skin by stimulating collagen production and releasing tension from the areas that we often squeeze all day long. Regular exercising these muscles will help you to maintain a younger looking skin as you age. Increased blood flow through these muscles increases oxygen and blood circulation to the skin, prevents drooping of the eyelids, counteract wrinkles and sagging of the neckline without any chemical or painful procedure.


1. Platysma Exercise:


For this first exercise, we’ll start below the face at the platysma muscle, which runs between the jawline and the shoulders. Targeting this little-exercised muscle can help keep the throat and chin firm and tight.

How to Do:

  • First, pull your lips back against your teeth and open your mouth slightly.
  • You should feel the tendons on the back of your neck tighten.
  • Now lift and lower your jaw 5 to 10 times. Repeat!

2. Dense Cheeks:

Silly funny face

How to Do:

  • Just take a large breath through mouth and hold it by closing mouth so the cheeks will be puffed out.
  • Release the breath through nose, after a few seconds
  • Repeat the procedure 8-10 times.
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