The banana peel is a great source of soluble and insoluble fiber that can help lower cholesterol; thus limiting the risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, and heart attacks. For this reason I don’t recommend putting banana peels in a blender, as this takes away the fibrous value found in the webbing of the skin. Banana peels also contain lutein, an antioxidant proven to help battle cataracts and macular degeneration while protecting the eyes from damaging UV rays.


Banana peels have packed with antioxidants, antibacterial, antifungal, & enzymatic features that can be set to good practice. Additionally, they are great in vitamins B6, magnesium, B12, & potassium.

1. Teeth Whitener:

For a whiter, shinier smile, try rubbing the inner portion of a banana peel on your teeth. Mimic a brushing movement and duration (about two minutes), then rinse. Repeat this process and you should begin to see results within one week!

2. Acne Treatment:

Acne is one of the biggest problems of young boys and girls. You can gently run the inner side of the banana peel on the affected area to get rid of acne and redness quickly. Banana should be fresh and make sure not to use force while rubbing because it can aggravate the condition.

3. Relieve Mosquito Bite:

Banana peel is very helpful to relieve a mosquito bite. Although, this is not medically proven what in the peel does this job however it is experimented and believed by many. So next time, if you are looking for a way to relieve a mosquito-bitten place on your skin, just remember this post and go rub a banana peel on the bite.

4. Reduce Wrinkles:

Wrinkles on the face are mainly due to dehydration that it faces. Banana peel helps to keep your skin and face hydrated. Which will ultimately eliminate the problem of wrinkles?

Apply a mixture of egg yolk and mashed banana peel on your face and skin. Let it sit on  your face for about 5 minutes and then wash it off. It will definitely save you and your skin from the problem of wrinkles.

5. Remove Ink Stains From Skin:

Thanks to an exploded pen, you’ve got ink-covered hands—and soap and water aren’t doing the trick. To the rescue: banana peels! Rub the white side onto the discolored areas and watch the stains disappear. The natural oils in the peel will attract the oils in the ink, weakening the pigment’s bond with the skin for easy removal.

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